Sree Narayana Guru's

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All that we see have gross, subtle and causal forms and have their origin in the Supreme Being, and finally merges with it. Therefore, nothing really exists other than the Supreme Being. I meditate on that divine form of the Supreme which destroys and burns all sins and enlightens and directs me into the path of righteousness, and which is worthy of meditation. Oh! You Supreme Being, let me have Your blessings to meditate on You without interruption, and to obtain the utmost Bliss by doing so.


O! God, whatever I see with my eyes is not permanent. Even the body, like a water bubble, has limited existence. I cannot say anything, but thatthese are illusory like a dream. We are not the body, but Awareness. Even before the birth of the body our True Self existed. Even if all these become nonexistent, we shall continue to shine as Awareness. Birth, death, poverty, disease, and fear will not affect us.


Allow me to contemplate, without interruption, during my meals and sleep, on these sacred words of wisdom, and on the Supreme who is the source of these words. I pray to Thee to root out all my sins and grant me Your Supreme Bliss.


Let me have Your blessings to lead a trouble-free life in this world and finally to take refuge at Your divine feet.