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(Guide to Funeral Rites)


248. When a woman, child, youth or old person dies, their bodies have to be cremated to maintain environmental hygiene. There is no other religious injunction/code.


249. It is proposed that the relatives should observe ten days of seclusion due to the impurity arising from death in the family. On the eleventh day, Homa (sacrificial offering to the Fire God) should be performed, and the house and environment purified with holy water.


250. On the last day, purification is achieved by the ritual bath, as prescribed. No other rituals have to be observed for the departed soul.


251. The son is the most eligible person to offer Pinda (small rice balls) to his departed father. In the absence of a son, the grandson (son’s son) can perform this ceremony. If this is not feasible, a brother or his son may be assigned this job.


252. In the absence of all the above persons, let the son of the sister offer the Pinda. Or else, a living spouse can offer Pinda to the departed soul.


253-54. A person, with mental reservation that all the purification rites for the departed person are meaningless and are display of ignorance, is under no compulsion to follow these injunctions. These injunctions are meant only for the others (believers).


256. Those who believe in the need for religious rites should follow the instructions recommended by the priest in accordance with and suitable the times and place.